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Naecre(nækrə) is an organic–inorganic material produced as an inner shell layer. It is also the material of which pearls are composed. It is strong, resilient, and iridescent. As such this brand represents all things beautiful starting with freshwater pearls but also including gemstones and shells. All pieces are handmade and no two pieces are every the same as they represent the imperfect beauty of nature.


To slow down tarnishing, all our pieces are 18k gold plated.
Each handmade piece comes with a jewelry box. It is best to always store the piece in this box because it is a dry and dark place. This will also prevent the jewel from possible scratches.
Pearls are delicate items. Please use them gently. It is advised not to wear the piece for any physical activity or when bathing. Sweat, water, soap, make-up, perfume, sunscreen, lotion and any other liquids are to be avoided.


In case your beloved jewel does get damaged, worn out or part of it goes missing, we will find a solution. Pricing will depend on the complexity of the work.